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Ann-Rosemary Conway Registered Artist Original Acrylic & Gel "TArxien Initiation" 48" x 36"


Original Acrylic & Gel stretched on canvas. Title: "TArxien Initiation" by Ann-Rosemary Conway (1934 - 2018) Victoria.

As new condition! Size: 48" x 36". It had a price on it for $7000. One of a kind......a true conversation piece.

Ann-Rosemary Conway (1934 - 2018) used mixed media content wood, hand-made paper, lino-cut prints, collaged together with acrylic, crayon and semi-precious stones, feathers and bones. Each artwork takes up to a month to complete. Sometimes longer. "The long process is done only when the artwork finally 'speaks' to me.

Her Acrylic paint products had their own attributes. She used gels and mediums, gels broaden the technical capabilities of the acrylic paints, whereas medium gloss and matte are basically thinner products.

Ann-Rosemary Conway travelled the world in search of images, statues, and paintings only finding them imprisoned in museums tens of thousands of miles from their temples, homes and sacred sites.


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