Hand Printed by Ann-Rosemary Conway Hand Printed by Ann-Rosemary Conway Hand Printed by Ann-Rosemary Conway

Hand Printed by Renown Artist Ann-Rosemary Conway (1934 - 2018) "The Blessing of Gia, Holy Mother"


Hand Printed by Ann-Rosemary Conway (1934 - 2018)

The golds, greens and teals show in a metallic paint with symbols indented in the paper. Signed and titled by Rosemary Conway "The Blessinof Gia, Holy Mother". It has a new modern frame, light green matting and under glass. Framed size 18" x 14"

Printing on Etching Press by Anne Rosemary Conway:
In the print shop I ink up a lino plate and dampen the thick new paper. i place it over the plate on the bed of the etching press. Turning the ships wheel I roll it through the press twice, to create a deep impression. Again the paper is put out to dry for a day or two. The inks take many days to dry. They resist the water on the paper need to shape the image permanently




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