Navajo Clown Katchina Doll Katchina Doll Navajo Katchina Doll Navajo Clown Doll Navajo Clown Katchina Doll F Begay f. begay Katchina doll F Begay Navajo Clown Katchina Doll Navajo Clown Katchina Doll vintage Katchina Doll

Navajo Clown Katchina Doll by F. Begay in Mint Condition - COLLECTOR


Outstanding Navajo Clown Katchina Doll

American Navajo Kachina Doll Clown leaning on a baseball bat holding the ball up high.  This is a vintage Navajo Clown Kachina Doll "Baseball Anyone". This is handmade and signed on the base by F. Begay. Painted wood, fur and hide. Highly collectible in MINT condition.

Size: 11" in height
Artist: F. Begay
American Navajo

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