Large Artist Proof Print by Peter Markgraf, Silk-Screens "Westwood"

Peter Markgraf Artist Proof

Large Peter Markgraf Artist Proof Silk Screen "Westwood" - BEAUTIFUL. 

Signed print by internationally acclaimed artists Peter Markgraf (1924-2008). Limited Edition Artist Proof Silkscreen Print "Westwood". 

Markgrafs developed a silkscreen process noted for its printing quality and its faithfulness to the original painting. The National Gallery of Canada became involved with the Markgrafs in the mid-1950s. The silkscreen process developed specifically to get the soft, romantic effects which characterized the beautiful work. 

Artist: Peter Markgraf 
Artist Proof Print 
Name: Westwood 
Size: 30 1/2" x 25" 
Year: Circa 1980

Lisa Calvert Black Jaguar Print Framed 1992

Lisa Calvert Black Jaguar Print

Beautiful Lisa Calvert Print "Black Jaguar" with double matting in olive green and black gloss frame. 

Showing Black Jaguar just relaxing on a branch waiting for his opportunity to jump on dinner.  Showing plants and mystical looking dense jungle.  Lovely print for any room in the house.

Artist: Lisa Calvert 
Name: Black Jaguar 
Year: 1992 
Frame and Double Matted 
Framed Size: 38 1/2" x 27"


John Seerey-Lester Ice Outcrop White Gryfalcon Artist Proof 51/56

John Seerley-Lester

John Seerey-Lester Ice Outcrop White Gryfalcon Artist Proof 51/56

Beauiful print from of a Gryfalcon sitting on a cliff with snow and ice.  This particular print is an artist proof 51/56.  It was printed in 1985 and was found May of 2018 in an estate sale in Victoria BC.  more John Seerey-Lester prints for sale

Pair of Water Scenes Original Watercolors Very Nice Frames Under Glass

Pair of Original Watercolors

Two beautiful original watercolors of water scenes, sailboats and buildings. 

This is a very nice pair of water scenes with perfect frames, matting and glass. They look fantastic close together and are ready to be hung.  

Artist: Paul 
Water Scenes 
Paintings, Frames and Matting Perfect 
Framed Size: 21" x 14 1/2" 
Painting Size: 15" x 9" 

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Watercolor by a Victoria Artist Signed: Caro 1986 "Hanging Kerosene Lamps"

Hanging Lanterns

Excellent original watercolor with writing on the back: "In an old barn '86 by Caro Woloshyn (1919 - 2005) Cobble Hill, BC. " 

What a fantastic painting by another Victoria Artist signed "Caro".  Watercolor under glass with double matting in perfect condition. 

Artist Signed: Caro Woloshyn (1919 - 2005) 
Artist statement on back and dated 
Original watercolor 
Framed Size: 20" x 16" 
Painting Approx.: 15" x 11" 

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Woodland Pool by Margaret Twining Oil on Canvas

Margaret Twining painting

Margaret Twining Oil on Canvas (1915 - 2002) 

Original oil painting by Margaret Twining depicting a stream and pool surrounded by large trees in a lush green forest. The painting gives you a real feeling of walking into a dense forest among towering evergreen trees.  Signed lower right MT the painting has beautiful coloring and fine artistic quality. Nice size oil painting. 

Margaret was a gifted artist and an early member of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. 

Size:27: x 22 1/2" 
Name: Woodland Pool 
Artist: Margaret Twinning (1915 - 2002) 
Oil on Canvas 

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Margaret Shaw Watercolor "Blossoming Trees"

Margaret Shaw

Blossoming Trees with Residential Buildings and Picket Fence. Painted in watercolor by artist Margaret Shaw. 

Vintage landscape painting in such a pleasing color combination. Light blue sky's, greens and light pink in the blossoms. Painting was hung on inner hallway wall. 

Artist Signed: Margaret Shaw 
Vintage Wood and Gold Frame 
Glass and Matted Excellent Condition 
Frame Size: 18 1/2" x 16" 
Circa 1940s 

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Fritz Hug Signed & Dated Lithograph 1968 Siamese Cat with Blue Eyes

Fritz Hug Siamese cat print

Very desirable Fritz Hug (1921 - 1989) lithograph of a Siamese cat with bright blue eyes checking out a mouse. Signed and Dated by Fritz Hug in pencil on the print....also initialed on print. 

This one is actually a rare, most of the Fritz Hug Siamese Cat prints don't have a mouse.

At the top right hand corner the artist wrote: 
La paix chez les bêtes (Pardon madame colette) 

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Dr. F. Dean Locke Original "Landscape with Farm Buildings" Gold Framed

FD Local Painting

Original Watercolour by F Dean Locke "Landscape with Farm Buildings" 
Rendered in beautiful autumn colours with grey skies, this is a very tranquil and peaceful glimpse into farming days gone by. Painting is housed in the original frame and protected by glass. 

Dr. F. Dean Locke practiced medicine in Lacombe and area for over 30 years. He retired in 1950 when he began painting and flourished from 59 - 69. This is a perfect example of his work. Sold in galleries and online between $500 - $800. 

Painting Size: 25 x 22 (with frame), painting view 17 1/2" x 13 1/2" 
Excellent Condition 
Artist signed: F.D. Locke 
Year Painted: 1960 

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"Through The Firs" by R.S. Parker Large Print

through the firs

"Through The Firs" by R.S. Parker Large Print in Excellent Condition. 

R.S. Parker is a well known B.C. artist with a focus on Canadian wildlife. Parker says, "I try to convey a mood or a feeling in a painting, using a style that employs detailed rendering." This eagle in flight print "Through The Firs" is a perfect example of his work.

Artist: R.S. Parker 
Name: "Through The Firs" 
Framed Size: 39" x 26", Print Size: 29" x 18" 

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