"October" by W. Allan Hancock Limited Edition Print

Peaceful print "October" by W. Allan Hancock Limited Edition Print #1122/2006 Framed Size: 45" x 27".   Showing an owl looking out of some barn doors.

October Print Allan Hancock

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RS Parker "Snow on the Pine - Chickadees" Limited Edition Print

Ron Parker is another famous west coast artist with a focus on wildlife.

This print is the "Snow on the Pine - Chickadees" .....showing pair of black-capped Chickadees on a small ponderosa pine tree recently covered with snow and lit with late afternoon sunlight. Artist write-up and print information on the back.

Artist Signed: RS Parker
Limited Edition Print #162/950
Name: Snow on the Pine - Chickadees
Year: 1982


Robert Bateman "In the Oak - Great Horned Owl" Limited Edition Print

We run into a lot of Robert Bateman Limited Edition prints in the Victoria region.   The artist Bateman Foundation Gallery is downtown and he lives on Salt Spring Island.   I met Robert Bateman in February at a marina as he was searching for a location for his 90th birthday. 

This print featured below is the "In the Oak - Great Horned Owl" Limited Edition Print which was sold through the Ducks Unlimited Foundation

William Moninet (1937 - 1999) Oil Painting Signed 3 Horses & Jockeys

William Moninet (1937 - 1999) Oil Painting Signed 3 Horses & Jockeys Very Rare Painting 32" x 43

This artwork was painted by W. Moninet that mostly painted clowns. Bright vibrant colors are used by the artist. SOLD

Anup Singh Original Paintings in Stock

We have a beautiful inventory of Anup Singh Paintings Oil on Canvas various sizes.  This  Abstract Oil on Canvas featured in this photo has bright colors of reds, yellows, purple, greens, blues and black.  It's heavy textured with a lovely frame. Painted by Anup Singh 2011 Signed on rear. Framed Size 14" x 17".

Recently Sold

Anup Singh a Victoria artist who participated in public art exhibits in downtown bus shelters.

Anup Singh was born and raised in Trinidad and Tobago and relocated to Canada in the early '70s when he was in his early 20s. As a growing artist, Singh attended the BC Institute of Technology where he studied art. Singh refined, mastered and fine-tuned his personal form of abstract art in a cheerful, original, vibrant and cosmic style. Singh's one-of-a-kind artworks stem from a combination of vivid imagination, painting from the art while listening to reggae and soul music. Singh also makes his own custom tools and paints to achieve the desired shades and tones not regularly available commercially

Alvin Constant Wandering Spirit (1946-2006) "Faith & Purpose" Original Painting

Alvin Constant Wandering Spirit (1946-2006) "Faith & Purpose" Original Painting Story and Sale.

I found this painting damaged needing glass and matting at the Kilshaws Auction in Victoria.  For some odd reason I was drawn to it and needed to rescue it and have it repaired.   It was later I researched his name and history.  

This is Alvin Constant Story:

Alvin Constant was a professional trained artist from the University of Saskatchewan.  He made his living from his art, fulfilling a childhood dream.  But for some reason - a reason even his family isn't clear on - he opted to live on the streets, among friends and fellow ramblers.

Constant sold his paintings on the causeway of the Victoria Inner Harbour to tourists who strolled by and admired his work.  He told his friends he lived on the streets because he wanted to, because that's where his friends were.  He did the same in Vancouver, Calgary and Saskatoon thus the name "Wondering Spirit"

"He found a real compassion for street People" says Shirley Sanderson, his sister.  "He was amongst the poverty and the homeless of those people, and often after making money from his paintings he would hand out money to them. "One day he took a whole bunch of street people to that move, Dances With Wolves, treating them all.  But my brother fell victim to the helplessness.  It just snuck up on him"

Alvin never stayed in one place for long, returning to the reserve and his family before leaving again on another trip. "He just had to go places, there was no stopping him" say Shelly Mike, his niece.  Constants family last saw him Oct. 28, two weeks before his frozen body was found slumped against a cold concrete wall in downtown Calgary, just two blocks from an over flowing but warm shelter.

Once I heard the story I realized their was only one thing needed to be done and that was to continue his legacy.  I decided to place the painting in an auction will all proceeds going back to the homeless.   An auction was run June 2019 and was sold for $1,000 going to Anawim House.  Days before the auction the emotions grew strong for all involved.   I truly felt Alvin Constant's presence and he was happy to see his piece front and center with the money going back to his friends.

God Bless you Wondering Spirit.