Victoria one of the top 10 cities in the world

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  • Downtown Victoria Inner Harbor
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Victoria, British Columbia`s capital city is humming.

This lovely city is massaged by a gentle climate where the flowers are in bloom all year round.  On the streets above the harbor you will see many summer tourists and some residents, cameras dangling, brochures in hand, crowd on to double-decker buses and horse drawn caravans for tours of the city.

The harbour`s a buzz with float planes jet-propelled catamarans, yachts, kayaks and tour boats.  People are constantly drifting back between harbor side, the Empress Hotel, the BC Parliament Buildings and the Royal Provincial Museum.  Or they head up Government Street to browse the shops, or dine in one of the delicious restaurants and side cafes.  Victoria has always been a place for lingering and strolling but is has definitely stepped up the tempo giving it a “big city ” feel.   This island city is special, you`ll have to experience it.

Visitors travel at great lengths to spend time in Victoria’s amazing inner harbor.  Victoria has something for everyone; art, culture and history, attractions, beaches and lakes, gardens and parks, golf, nightlife and entertainment, restaurants, shopping, spas, sports and outdoors, tours and amazing whale watching.  What’s your pleasure!

Victoria offers a friendly safe haven for residents and visitors and it’s extremely accessible.  Over 50 flights land in Victoria’s International airport daily, from Vancouver and Seattle.  Whereas float plans, helicopter and the ferry system assist efficiently.  Getting here is no problem, and once you’ve been you never want to leave this beautiful island city. 

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