Laid-back Digby a popular boating and fishing community

  • Nova Scotia Fishing Boat
    Fishing Trawler Digby
  • Digby Fishing Fleet
    Digby Fishing Feet
  • Lobster Traps Digby
    Lobster Traps Digby Nova Scotia
  • Photo of Whale Tail Digby Coastline
    Whale Tail Digby Coastline

This quiet seaside town of Digby is famous for the plump, juicy scallops, whale watching charters and its extensive fishing boat fleet.    The area around Digby should be your starting point discovering the town, shops, restaurants, stunning coastline, sandy beaches, ocean views and the marina.    A day trip on Highway 217 along Digby Neck shows off its rocky coastal landscapes of beautiful Long and Brier Islands.  The waters off Long and Brier Island are popular for Humpback whale watching charters and which is one of the favorite pastimes of the locals.    A walk along the marina you soon realize boating is a way of life in Digby with many cruising boats, private fishing boats and sailboats of every size.    Digby an East Coast Seaside Lifestyle.

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