Want to grow your own food and raise your own livestock?

Country Style Living

Country Lifestyle

Living out in the middle of nowhere sounds very appealing to alot of us.  The perfect place to get away from it all.  A place where you can relax and listen to the sounds of the forest, and the birds singing”   Breathe deeply, country air is fresh and good for you!”
When darkness falls the beauty of  the stars illuminate the sky.  You can lay awake for hours star gazing and counting the shooting stars.   Wildlife watching can be a great source of pleasure.  Owning pets is much easier in the country because there are not as many rules and regulations.    You can raise your own livestock, plant your own organic garden dramatically reducing your grocery bills.

Imagine being able to raise your children in a rural community.   A place where they would spend most of your time outside. There’s something to be said about quiet, and being in nature, that seems to invite creative thinking and problem-solving.  Less noise distractions is wonderful for the imagination. Children need room to run, stretch out their limbs and develop in a healthy way.   There are no better babysitters than the great outdoors.  Exposing your children to a more natural environment will help them to connect with nature and  learn first hand about the creatures of the world and its natural eco systems.  It’s our children that will be dealing with the environmental crisis facing our planet.

Of course, as with anything worth exploring, there are downsides, but living in the country certainly has some great advantages!

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