Lifestyles in Historic Canadian Cities.

  • charlhistoric2
    Confederation Bridge PE
  • charlhistoric
    Charlottetown PE
  • vichistoric
    Victoria Harbour
  • vichistoric2
    Parliament Buildings

Historic Communities
Finally, after searching for several months or even years, you have finally found that classic century old house.  Your dream comes with elaborately detailed stained glass windows, stately white columns, and original woodwork.

Fully restored and ready to move in.  If you have a love affair with architecture and history explore historic communities.  Live within walking distance of heritage parks, churches, galleries, museums, pristine settings that only a historic community can offer.

A perfect example of two Canadian cities offering an Historic flavor would be Charlottetown PE and Victoria on Vancouver Island.   Victoria is rich in Canadian history beginning in 1778, when Captain James Cook first landed on the east coast of Vancouver Island and the First Nations People.   Charlottetown history can be traced back to the original French military settlement established on the site in 1720.


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