Nanaimo, a classic west coast community

Nanaimo Harbor Anchorage and Coast Mountains

If you come by ferry from the mainland you’ll experience the most breathtaking scenery.  Nanaimo is British Columbia’s 3rd oldest city that is famous for its many landscapes.  Surrounded by beautiful wilderness and offering an array of recreational opportunities.  Nanaimo has more than 2 dozen parks and is made of up 18 neighborhoods.

Residents and tourists are attracted to the area by its affordable housing, spectacular ocean views and vibrant walk-able downtown core.  Enjoy a myriad of dining experiences, arts and cultural events, and everything a shopper could wish for.  Nanaimo’s boasts Vancouver Island’s biggest mall.

Nanaimo is a great North American harbor city where you can promenade along the waterfront.  If you are passionate about biking, hiking, kayaking, boating or sailing it’s all there.

Nanaimo is a wonderful city with a positive and strong economic environment. The lifestyle opportunities are endless.

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