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The Pender Island Golf Course is open all year round with nine holes which covers 65 acres of picturesque West Coast scenery.   Starting from the clubhouse, the first hole is a par 4 straight shot to get going on track for a great time.  Hole #2 tests your skills as you drive up a large hill and look for just the right shot onto the green.  You’ll find a beautiful pond to the right of the third hole, drawing the golfer’s eye and a I’m sure many errant balls.  Hole 4 a par 3 is a short hole with brush behind the green to catch those longer drives.

You tee off at Hole #5 a par 4 and must be prepared to make your best drive.  Make your drive too long and your ball ends up in the goose pond.  Tee off for the 6th hole on the other side of the pond, for a challenging par 3 that takes you back to the road.

Cross the road for the gently curved Hole #7, featuring a large rock on the right that is slowly eroding over the years as Pender Island golfers slice balls into it.  The signature 8 hole features two elevated tee areas, and plays 230 yards over water to an undulating three tiered green.  The extensive rock work continues to the 9th hole: drive down hill then back up before taking a deserved break back at the clubhouse.

Pender Island Golf and Country Club is located at 2305 Otterbay Road.  Enjoy the island!

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