Jet Skiing on Okanagan Lake Near Peachland

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Ride a jet ski and cruise the waves on Okanagan Lake.  This amazing lake is 65 miles long stretching north and south from Kelowna.  Enjoy beautiful surroundings, the Okanagan sunshine and the bounty of waterways.  There are numerous bays and coves and plenty of shoreline to explore all along the lake.  It’s a blast flying through the open waters ripping up the waves in search for more.  Try your hand at doing some crazy tricks, stand up when going through rougher water, you’ll ride longer on a tank of fuel.  The lake in Peachland is where we would jet ski, we found it to be peaceful and uncrowded most of the time.  Jet skiing on this beautiful lake will leave you exhilarated and is the perfect water activity for thrill seekers.  There are a number of marinas in the Okanagan to rent jet skis as well as other fine water crafts.  Lake Okanagan Marina, Pentowna Marina, Eldorado Marina and Cove Lakeside Marina to name a few.  One of our favorite spots for renting jet skis was at the Pentowna Marina located at the south entrance to Peachland on Beach Avenue.  The marina is privately owned and has a gas bar and full service delicious restaurant called “The Blind Angler.”  Everyone is friendly and ready to assist you in any way.  Enjoy a fun and safe ride on Okanagan Lake and with any luck you may catch a glimpse of the legendary lake monster “Ogopogo.”   Oh yes, I am a believer!   Boating the Okanagan Lake

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