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Located in the Strait of Georgia, between Vancouver Island and the mainland of British Columbia, Canada.  They’re tranquil and they rise in a multitude of shapes and sizes, providing haven for the fisherman, yachtsman, and offer inspiration and ideas to artists and writers.  Each have their own unique character and scenic landscapes, and are generally known to have friendly residents and multitude of things to do while visiting.  Island hopping is an activity enjoyed most in the warm months.  It is as simple as it sounds; board one ferry after the next as they sail from island to island.  (Visit BC Ferries for sailing schedule).  Destination; Salt Spring Island, Galiano Island, Mayne Island, Pender Island, Saturna Island, Thetis Island, and Kuper Island.  You get to fully experience the unique character, natural beauty, diverse culture and peaceful atmosphere found on each of these idyllic islands.  If you’re interested in an Island lifestyle Pender’s warm and welcoming ambiance is pretty special.  I had the pleasure of living there for many years, and still return their occasionally to visit my Grandmother who’s been there for 35 years.  She loves her Island and will never leave.  She has so many faithful friends that look out for her.  When you are blessed with a lifestyle such as hers you’d be crazy to leave.  Oh, did I mention she’s 91 and lives on her own.  I know one of her most defining moments was when she made the decision to move to Pender Island and she has been living the life ever since.


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