Ed MacGregor Park Sooke BC

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Ed Macgregor Park is located just outside the town center of Sooke, BC.  It features beautiful grounds, amphitheater and a wonderful waterfront boardwalk.  The park hosts numerous events in every season and in the summer months the Art in the Park display takes place each August.  The green space highlights some of the most beautiful views on southern Vancouver Island.  Fully landscaped and wheelchair accessible.  As the park declines towards the shoreline the winding boardwalk snakes along towards the bottom.  There is a lengthy straightaway where you can spend alot of time observing the water viewing marine life while watching
local fisherman throwing and retrieving their crab traps off the dock.  The bird life flocks around in hopes of catching a morsel, keep your eyes above as eagles may soar above you undetected.  Enjoy the wide open views of the Sooke basin and the Olympic Mountains.  This is a great place to spend an afternoon with the kids.  Bring a picnic and bring dog, the park is pet friendly.

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